Cost free but necessary. Whether you spend quiet time praying for one child’s needs, or you commit for your small group to pray for the ministry as a whole, prayer is a crucial element to Childero’s growth and strength as a ministry. We post prayer requests and updates on on our blog and social media pages, so keep connected!


Donating money doesn’t always seem like doing much, but it is everything to Childero’s ministry. These children need kindness, healthy relationships, and Spiritual guidance; but they also have a true need for many basics we take for granted in the United States. Donating allows these children to focus on their education and their relationship with God, not on hunger, illness, or poverty.


Challenge your friends to help fight the darkness! You can team up with another family or friend to split a sponsorship, invite the office to rotate a $25/month donation, or ask a friend or mentor to match your donation.


Go beyond giving by sharing Chilero’s commitment to changing lives. You can request for a Childero volunteer to speak with your congregation or small group, post about why you donated using the hashtag #WhyChildero, or simply talk about our mission with a friend next time you meet someone for coffee.