What does sponsorship cover?

Support for one child provides educational investment in the form of school fees, uniforms, shoes, and supplies; protection from widespread, preventable diseases with vaccinations, a treated mosquito net, and emergency health treatment if needed; and a monthly food supplement of groceries like rice, soap, beans, potatoes, oil, salt or sugar.

Aside from the physical needs of these students, a sponsorship includes relational support. Sponsorships help pay Childero staff, who develop relationships with each child: knowing how they’re doing in school, if their guardian is sick, or if they need certain Spiritual guidance.

Childero students are all members of local United Methodist congregations. In order to receive the program provisions, each child is required to attend regular Bible clubs based in their church. At Bible clubs, Childero staff and volunteers teach God's Word, lead worship together, encourage the children, and check-in on the children's’ studies and their home life.

Often after losing one or both parents, children are taken in by their grandparents, distant relatives, or older siblings. Most live in extreme poverty themselves, so this sponsorship is often the only way that these guardians are even able to care for these children. But beyond seeing them as just guardians, Childero attempts to build relationships with the caretakers themselves, visiting their homes with small gifts and inviting them into conversation and Bible club as they receive monthly food supplements. When you support a student, you’re also supporting an entire household.

Ready to Sponsor?

A $300 full sponsorship invites a single or double orphan in the villages of Gulu to an entire year of health, spiritual guidance, and education. You can even commit now and automatically donate $25 a month, instead of all at once. Click here to get started.
Childero budget breakdown