New Years Updates

More than two years down the road and our light still shines bright as we experience Gods’ love for us and we share it with others through the Childero ministry. A lot has happened this year both good and bad. We still return the glory back to God. From the start of the academic year in February, a visit by a team of friends, the Bible clubs, the Olympics in August, the various cases of sickness among the children, to the close of the academic year this December, glory be to God.

With much joy I am glad to inform you that we registered our first lot of children who sat for their national primary leaving examinations (exams written before joining high school).  They successfully completed these exams and await results come January 2017. We hope for the best results. All the other children wrote their end of year exams and there is massive improvement in their grades compared to last year.

Our bible clubs went on well throughout the year. Word puzzles and quiz were introduced to help check if the children understand what is taught and to help them memorize the different lessons. There was always a good turn out for club, though a few always missed due to sickness and bad weather. All in all, the bible clubs were a success.

Despite the hike in prices as a result of the current inflation in Uganda, we were still able to provide the food supplement for the children and all the other school supplies they needed. The food supplement has been a blessing to the families since the children are able to eat porridge before going to school and it will provide part of their Christmas meal. Thank you for your continuous support.

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