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Let’s rewind back to the time we began, when all we had was a bunch of shy, hopeless kids full of fear. Guardians who did not believe in sending the older girls to school, the bullies at the bible clubs and many others. Time really fly’s by so fast. Currently our bible clubs are really doing great. Children are now free with one another. There is no more bulling, they speak freely and are getting familiar with opening and reading their bibles. The children now attend school daily in full school uniforms with enough school supplies.

The children will be breaking off for the first term holiday on the 13th of May and we hope for better grades this term. Guardians are now more supportive of their children’s education and our older girls are now excelling in school. With much joy I am pleased to let you know that currently our best student is a girl who has always come first in her class. I am glad to let you know that we have four children (three boys and a girl) who are registered to sit for their national primary leaving examinations. These examinations determine whether they can join the next level of education (secondary school or tertiary institution). This is our first lot of sponsored children who are to sit for these exams. Please keep them in your prayers.

On the other hand, three of our children have not been able to attend school and bible clubs regularly like their peers because they are sick. Mercy, a 9year old girl has been battling malaria and typhoid for the last two months. She was admitted at the Gulu regional hospital and is feeling much better now. Francis was at the intensive care unit at Lacor hospital because his CD4 count had become too low, he had little blood and is very weak. The doctors advised he gets enough rest so he could not trek to either school or bible club with his mates but hopefully he will resume school next term.

Matthew, who is a sickle, HIV positive and has hearing impairments, has also been in and out of hospital. The weather is cold and this makes him fall sick. Currently he and his grand pa are admitted at the Opit Health Center. Matthew won’t be able to write his end of term exams since he is still weak and in the hospital. Despite the sickness, he loves school and keeps insisting he wants to go to school with his friends. This makes his grandmother so sad. We took time to visit them at the health center and the doctors are trying to do their best. My humble request to you all is please remember this family in your prayers so that God can see them through this trying moment.

Thanks to all of you who take time to read our blogs, thank you for being part of this ministry. May the good God reward you. Please always remember to pray for the ministry and the children. Thank you for your support. Your support grants wishes that leave a lasting positive impact for families.

Stay blessed.



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