UPDATE: Forget the Frock Campaign Results

This Easter, over 250 people across the nation showed their support for Childero’s transformational work during our Forget the Frock campaign. Thanks to all of you who chose compassion over fashion, Childero will be able to sponsor TWELVE students for an entire year!

For twelve students, life is about to change. Twelve students whose families may have had to choose between feeding and educating their children will now have the uniforms and the finances they need to continue their education for an entire year. Instead of wearing ill-fitting, worn down flip-flops, twelve children will have the safety and comfort of a new pair of shoes. In a region where malaria is rampant and incapacitating, twelve children will receive treated mosquito nets under which they can sleep safely.

And not just twelve people will be supported by your incredible gift. The twelve students supported by Childero represent twelve families who will likely share these resources. Thanks to this campaign, $1,260 will go towards supplementing each family’s yearly income and farming with food staples like sugar and flour.

We at Childero are so grateful for this outpouring of support. We ask that you continue to pray for opportunities for God to work in the hearts of our community in Gulu. We also ask that you pray for our leaders; for them to discern God’s will for this ministry, and for them to be encouraged by this show of support.

If you’re interested in doing more, please consider sponsoring another child for a year of support. This campaign sponsoring twelve new children is an incredible achievement, but the need is still great. If you feel your heart being tugged, we absolutely encourage you to learn more or to make a gift

Many thanks,

Childero Team

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