The Story of Robinson

Robinson is from a small village in Northern Uganda. Today, the people of his village don’t recognize him. They call him “New Robinson.” After Robinson’s father passed away and his mother remarried into a new family, leaving he and his older sister to take care of their younger siblings, his grief and bitterness caused him to make some bad choices.

Pastor Alphonse of the Koch Co-Rom United Methodist Church knew Robinson’s story. He invited Robinson into his home, and recommended him for Childero. At first, Robinson was still in darkness, and was often unenthusiastic and negative at the weekly Bible Club.

But it didn’t take long for love and care to shine a light into his heart. If you met Robinson today knowing this story, you would be like the people of his village, and not recognize him. Christ’s love shines out of this young man so brightly that he is retelling Bible Club lessons to younger children at church. He is leading worship with boundless enthusiasm and a mile-wide smile. He is bringing his Bible to school and reading to his classmates. He is excelling at school.  He is the “New Robinson.” In March, our team spoke with Robinson about being a Childero child, and you can see for yourself in the video below how he is already a joyful force for the Kingdom.

Childero did not change this boy’s life, God did. But when you provide for the basic needs of a child–food, education, clothing, medications–you provide the groundwork for Christ’s love to take root. So when we say thank you for supporting Childero, we mean thank you from Robinson.

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