Update from David

The latest update from David Ntogohnya, District Superintendent of the United Methodist Conference. Merry Christmas!




In the precious name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ I hope everyone is doing fine, as the atmosphere gets busy with Christmas celebrations preparations.
My family is well, the children are home for the long end of year break;  Peninah and baby Rhonda are traveling this evening from Kabaale in western Uganda to Kampala, where she has been on a working visit with their office branch in Western Uganda. Monday this week I was presiding over a burial ceremony of a father of my pastor friend and colleague in the Methodist fraternity in Eastern Uganda Pr Simon Walugambire . The previous week I was involved with International Leadership institute East Africa chapter for one week Conference at Namirembe Hill in Kampala. On the whole God has been in control and gracious to me.
I have been a couple of times to Gulu in this quarter for pastoral work alongside our children’s ministry Childero. I have been able to sit down with Sandra to go through our check list. She is doing fine so far on her own; she has consulted with me wherever she needed guidance on something with the program and schedule. She seems to be balancing very well with her work and school work.
We have had challenges with sickness of a few children in the program who are HIV positive in this last quarter, but we thank God who has been able to carry them through this last school term. I have been able to visit and participate in a few Bible clubs, like in Koch Corom Bible club in two of the pictures below which is doing fine.
During our last GAB meeting early this month, we observed that 5 of our children who have dropped out of the program are girls, and what is common about most of them. It is a concern for us which we felt we needed to address carefully. I requested the pastors and our volunteers to create time to give extra time not only to our teenage girls in the program, but also the others in the church. This is because early teenage marriages are a challenge to our communities especially in the north and East of Uganda. Many of the children being orphans missed the love and closeness of parents, because of the insurgency. I have told the pastors to be very close to them to counsel them, so they can open up what is on their minds and what they intend to do. Many of them reside with their extended family which as a fact cannot be able to address their problems. Our prayer and hope is that as a church family we will be able to change this trend slowly but surely.
Finally we appreciate the support given generously by the Centenary family and the GMPI partners as we make a difference in the lives of our children in Uganda. Blessings and we wish you all the best Christmas celebrations this season, indeed a child is born to us Immanuel God with us!


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